Honey bee nutrition and health can be strengthened by providing floral diversity.  Having proper habitat and diversity for honey bees helps bees to deal with a multitude of stressors, including pests and diseases, pesticides and transportation.  By educating growers and landowners about the value of providing honey bee forage, many acres of potential honey bee habitat can be made available to sustain nutrition-starved honey bees.  Project Apis m. believes that with the help of additional forage acreage utilizing the best in seed mixes, seed suppliers, and planting regimes, honey bees can be healthy, sustainable, specialty crop pollinators into the future. 

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  • Chance Almonds, Denair, CA -towards tree bloom end 2014
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  • Chance Almonds, Denair, CA ---after bloom 2014
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To hear a brief radio interview about the Seeds for Bees program, click here.


A Drone's View of Honeybee Forage

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