More Buzz About Bees

Dr. A. Gary Shilling, financial analyst and commentator, talks about his beekeeping endeavors.

Berkeley Food Institute – “What’s the Buzz About?” – June 16, 2014

Dave Hackenberg on The Weather Channel – May 28, 2014

Canola and Bees: Working Together, BMPs for Growers – June 4, 2014

Watch May Berenbaum’s UC Davis talk on “Bees in Crisis.” – May 20, 2014

The Beguiling History of Bees – The First Bees Existed Around 130 Million Years Ago – Scientific America, April 25, 2014

PAm’s Gordon Wardell talks about citrus psyllid and honey bees – April 24, 2014

Gene Brandi talks to almond growers about bee health – April 21, 2014

Joe Traynor’s Beekeeper Newsletter – April 10, 2014

The Buzz on California Ag Day – March 2014

Practices To Help Ensure Successful Pollination – Good Fruit Grower, March 25, 2014

TEDx Talk- John Miller: No Bees, No Food – March 20, 2014

Research Reveals True Value of Cover Crops to Farmers and Environment – Catch the Buzz, March 20, 2014

Bees Live In A Toxic World – Good Fruit Grower, March 19, 2014

$3 million in EQIP funds for farmers in 5 midwestern states to promote honey bee health. by USDA, February 25, 2014 click here to read more

Interesting study on fitting tiny sensors on bees in Tasmania to assess pesticide exposure and also pollination potential. January 15th, 2014
To read the article: Click here To see the video: Click here

Keeping the buzz alive through BMPs and research by Dr. Gordon Wardell, December 7th, 2013

Cost to Get Honey Bees to California by Dr. Eric Mussen, December 2009

Mind Boggling Math of Migratory Beekeeping  – Scientific America, September, 2013

Ted Talk- Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing – September, 2013

The Mike Nowak Show Podcast – August 13, 2013

Time Magazine  – August 19th, 2013

TED Talk – Dennis vanEngelsdorp:  A plea for bees – July, 2008

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