2014 Supporters


A. and R. Gillispie TTEE
AgReserves, Inc. SVF
Aguilar, Sacramento and Lucia
Ash Slough Farms
Badger, Daniel and Lynn
Bailey, Stephen
Barkman Honey LLC
Bayer, John
Bee Ranchers, LLC
Bellach Farms
Billy’s Boer Meat Goat Farm, LLC
Birth Journey
Blech, Duane and Andrea
Blue Diamond Growers
Bob Brandi Honey and Farming
Bogetti Brothers
Bolline, Sophie
Bolton, Janet and Barry
Chance Brothers
Costa, Perrie and Janice
Costco Wholesale
D. M. Camp & Sons
Done-Again Farms
East Fork Partners
Emmert, Steve and Pauline
Favagrossa Farms
Felker and Felker
Felker, Robert and Marilyn
Gardiner Farms
Gemperle Orchards
Gene Brandi Apiaries
Georgeson, Lisa K.
Gurmail Singh Farms
Hall, W. Joel and Brenda
Harvest Honey, Inc.
Hauke Honey Corp.
Headwaters Farm
Heavens Honey, Inc.
Heitkam’s Honey Bees
Hwy. 58, LLC
Idaho Honey Industry Assn., Inc.
J and J Apiaries
J. P. Ranches
Johnston Honey Farms
Kamprath Seeds, Inc.
Katz, Albert
Kiler Canyon Vineyard
King and Gardiner Farms, LLC
Knob, Susan
Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc.
LA County Beekeepers Associates
Lee, Marshall
Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Assn.
M & D Honey
Mark A. Delano Vineyard
Mello, Christine
Miller’s Honey Farms, Inc.
Mountain Ave Bees, Inc.
Nakashima Farms
Nease, Glenn
NH Beekeepers Association
NOD Apiary Products, Inc.
Olivarez Honey Bees, Inc.
Paramount Farming
Paton, John
Payne, Carey
Pecarovich, Jack and Charlotte
Przybylski, Laurel
Randy Delerio Farms
Rice, Kevin
Roche Bros., Inc.
Rosedale Ranch
Rusea, Timothy 
Ruth Hargreaves
Scientific Ag Co.
Scott, Julie
Sierra Land and Farming, LLC
St. Croix Beekeepers Assoc.
Steve E. Park Apiaries, Inc.
Stout Family Farms
Strachan Apiaries, Inc.
Swarens, Veronica
Syngenta Crop Protection
Thompson, Richard
Trevino Family Farm
Venner, Ray and Tuyet
Vereschagin Farms, Inc.
Wanty, M.
Wasco Real Properties I, LLC
Watkins, Steven
Wegis Ranch
West Coast Pollination Services
White Crane Ranch
Woan, Jinmei
Wyoming Beekeepers Assn.
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