Board Members

Gordon Wardell

Gordon WardellPAm Board Chairman, Dr. Gordon Wardell, is the Director of Pollination Operations, Wonderful Orchards, and President of the South Valley Bee Club.  Gordon has been a professional apiculturist for over 30 years and has woked with bees on three continents.  Previously he was the extension apiculturist for the State of Maryland and he owned and directed S.A.F.E. Research and Development in Tucson, Arizona, a company dedicated to developing products for the bee industry.  Gordon’s accomplishments include Mega-Bee, the honey bee nutritional supplement and years of research in the area of Varroa mite control, honey bee nutrition, fire ant monitoring, small hive beetle, Africanized Honey Bees, and many other topics.  In addition, he has authored numerous scientific publications on honey bees.


John Miller
John MillerJohn Miller is currently the President of the California State Beekeepers Association (CSBA).  John is a fourth-generation beekeeper.  He has kept bees for 36 years.  John owns Miller’s Honey Farms, Inc. based in Blackfoot, ID with branches in Gackle, ND and Newcastle, CA.  He also owns Miller Honey Mandarins of Newcastle, CA where he grows seedless Owari-Satsuma Mandarins on C-35 Rootstock.  John is a partner in En-R-G Foods, Inc. of Steamboat Springs, CO, manufacturers of honey-based energy bars, gels, protein bars and energy chews.  John is a former 2-term chair of the National Honey Board. As the subject of The Beekeeper’s Lament by Hannah Nordhaus, John epitomizes the American migratory beekeeper and ‘how one man and a half a billion honey bees help feed’ a nation. John is married to Professor Jan H. Miller, Microbiology, American River College.  They have four children and four grandchildren.


Zac Browning
Zac BrowningZac Browning is a 4th generation commercial beekeeper and honey producer. He is a co-owner of Browning Honey Co. Inc. With his brothers, he operates over 20,000 hives for honey production and pollination in Idaho, North Dakota, and California. He has served the beekeeping industry as Chairman of The Honey Voluntary Quality Assurance Committee, as Trustee for the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, and as a current board member of the National Honey Board, True Source Honey, and the National Pollinator Defense Fund.  He also serves on the EPA’s Pesticide Program Dialogue committee pollinator work group and was recently the North American beekeeper representative at SETACs Pellston global pollinator toxicology workshop.  Zac actively contributes to pollinator research and habitat conservation work, which is his passion.  Zac is the Legislative Committee Co-Chairman and past president of the American Beekeeping Federation.


David Mendes
Dave MendesDavid Mendes, now retired, operated 20,000+ hives for crop pollination and honey production. With a home base in Ft Myers, Florida, he brought bees to Maine for blueberry pollination and Massachusetts for cranberry pollination each summer and to California for almond pollination in the winter. In the Spring and Fall the bees make honey in Florida. Dave has been a full time commercial beekeeper since 1977. He is past president of the American Beekeeping Federation.


Gene Brandi
Gene BrandiGene Brandi has operated a bee business in Central California for honey production, as well as pollination of almonds, alfalfa seed, cherries, and melons for the past 30 years. He as been on the Board of Directors for the California State Beekeepers Association since 1978, and he has served as its Legislative Chairman. Mr. Brandi served on the Board for the American Beekeeping Federation from 1988-1992 and was chairman of the National Honey Board from 2001 – 2004.


Doug Hauke
Doug HaukeDoug Hauke manages the Hauke Honey Corporation, a 3,000 colony operation which produces and packages honey at its FDA/USDA-inspected facility in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and he also produces nucs and queens in East Texas.  Doug serves on the Board of the American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) and had the opportunity to work several seasons at the Madison Bee Lab under Dr. Eric Erickson and E.R. Harp.  Doug earned degrees in bacteriology and virology from the University of Wisconsin.


Brent Barkman
Brent BarkmanBrent Barkman and Barkman Honey have enjoyed over 50 years of success as a family owned, multigenerational beekeeping and honey packing business. He is a supporter of bee research and a leader in the stakeholder community.


Gary Shilling
Dr. Gary Shilling is President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc., economic consultants and publisher of INSIGHT, a monthly report of economic forecasts and investment strategy.  He has been a Forbes magazine columnist since 1983.  He is a columnist for Bloomberg View and is on Investment Advisor magazine’s panel of investment strategists.  He appears frequently on radio and television. He graduated from Amherst College with an AB in Physics, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and earned his MA and PhD in economics at Stanford University.  He served on the staffs of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Bank of America. Before establishing his own firm in 1978, Dr. Shilling was Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of White, Weld & Co.  Earlier he set up the Economics Department at Merrill Lynch, at age 29, and served as the firm’s first chief economist.  Prior to Merrill Lynch, he was with Standard Oil Co. in NJ (now ExxonMobil). He has been an avid beekeeper since 1990 and lives in Springfield, New Jersey.


Pat Heitkam
Pat Heitkam has been keeping bees since he took a colony for payment at his bike shop. That was 35 years ago, and he is now a major queen breeder in Northern California, a honey producer and a commercial pollinator. He owns Heitkam’s Honey Bees in Orland, California, with his son Russell. He has served the beekeeping industry on the Board and also as President of several organizations over the years, including the American Beekeeping Federation, the California State Beekeepers Association, and the California Bee Breeders Association. He is currently Vice President of Bee Informed Partnership, Inc. and is a cooperator with honey bee breeding and research projects, and also projects to develop honey bee forage throughout the USA.


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