Water Requirements


Hopefully the end of California’s drought is near. Even if the 2016/2017 seasonal rains take us out of a drought, it’s still important to consider the water requirements of the seed we are providing. We have developed seed mixes with low moisture requirement. Sowing seeds in the fall is a great way to take advantage of available fall and early winter rains and have forage available for colonies before almond bloom. Seeds should germinate with normal amounts of precipitation.  However, when conditions haven’t been normal, like the last few years, irrigation may be necessary. The PAm Clover Mix will respond better to additional irrigation than the PAm Mustard Mix. We are working to provide more specific water requirements for each option. In the meantime, watch the precipitation you receive and monitor the growth of the seedlings to indicate if irrigation will be needed to supplement the year’s rainfall.

Please contact Billy Synk for questions, comments, or seed orders at (614) 330-6932 or billy@projectapism.org.

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