2015 Supporters

2J Farms
Ag Wise
A.I. Root Company
American Beekeeping Federation
Stanley Anderson
The Bee Ranchers
Antonio Bell
Bayer Crop Protection
Boparai Farms
David and Vicki Blair
Duane Blech
Brian’s Bee Haven
Browning’s Honey Co.
CA Almond Pollination Services, Inc. (Steve House)
CA Bee Breeders
CKP Insurance
Mike Carangelo
DA Neibru Land & Dev. Co.
Dewey Caron
Central Valley Beekeepers
Chad Ranch
Miguel Chavez
A.E. and M.F. Colquhoun
Costco Wholesale
DBA Silveria Farms
Erich and Latisha Delmas
Done-Again Farms
Dutch Gold Honey
Eco-Family Farms
Favagrossa Farms
Robert and Marilyn Felker
Stuart Fleming
Kevin Fondse
Michael Fondse
Gemperle Orchards
Gene Brandi Apiaries
Lisa Georgeson
Gordon Blossom Honey
Ruth Hargreaves
Hauke Honey Corp.
Heitkam’s Honey Bees
Hiatt Honey
Victor and Donna Hill
Honey Stinger
Hwy. 58, LLC
Idaho Honey Industry
Indonesian Imports
Johnston Honey Farms
Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc.
Kruppa Farms
Lakeview Ranch Partners
Lane County Beekeepers
Marshall Lee
John McWilliams
Maddox Farms
Maverick Farming Co.
John Miller
Sheldon and Diane Miller
Miller’s Honey Farms
Brad Mogen
New Hampshire Beekeepers
Nick Noyes
Noyes Apiaries
John Paton
Jack and Charlotte Pecarovish
Perry Farms
Laurie Piepenbrink
Tami Postma
Laurel Przybylski
Dick Rogers (Root Candles)
David and Kim Rose
Round Valley Honey
S & H Swine
Aron Schmidt
Georgeann Schmit
Scientific Ag Co.
South Dakota Beekeepers
Stayer’s Quality Queens
Sequoia Stephens
Steve E. Park Apiaries
Veronica Swarens
Syngenta Crop Protection
Myril and Nanci Tougaw
Paul and Patricia Tremayne
Vereschagin Farms, Inc.
Lloyd and Etta Weaver
Wella Bar
White Crane Ranch
Jinmei Woan
Wyoming Beekeepers

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