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The second most popular option is the PAm Clover Mix. Unlike the rapid fall growth of the Mustard Mix, it grows very slowly over the winter. Depending on planting date, bloom will begin in March and can be prolonged with irrigation or rainfall. Clovers are nitrogen fixing.  Crimson Clover, for example, will add 100-150 pounds of nitrogen per acre to the soil. It should also be noted that clovers are abundant sources of nectar for bees.

Hykon Rose Clover

15% Annual Medic
17% Balansa Clover
25% Persian Clover
10% Crimson Clover
25% Berseem Clover
8% Hykon Rose Clover


Seed Rate:
15 lbs/acre for broadcast planting
10 lbs/acre rate for drill planting


Ground Prep:
The best method for planting is direct seeding with drill equipment. If broadcast seeding is the only option then a good, fine seed bed is desirable since most of the seeds are very small like alfalfa. Ideally the soil should be disked, cultipacked with a ring roller, planted and rolled a second time. Clovers grow slower than mustards so an application of grass specific herbicide may benefit this mix from competition with grasses.


Planting Methods:
Use a grain drill, no till drill, broadcaster, or even a hand-held broadcaster on small areas to evenly distribute the seed.  No fertilizer needed.  If able to irrigate, ensure the root zone has available water until the roots reach 6” depth.


After Sept. 10th through Nov. 10th, while soil is still warm (above 55⁰). However, earlier plantings of seed receive more seasonal rain thus reducing irrigation requirements. Plant no more than 1/8” to 1/4” deep. Plant in-between tree rows, fence lines, fallow areas where trees are taken out of production, and in orchard margins or borders.


14 days with enough moisture, will grow slow through the winter.


Early March and will continue through mid-April or a little later depending on rainfall patterns.


This mix should be allowed to grow into May and June so it sets seeds and to provide the longest bloom possible.  Thereafter, it can be mowed, disked and killed.  To encourage reseeding, do not chip or disk but roll to push seeds into ground.

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