Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund

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The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund identifies opportunities to establish critical pollinator habitat to help honey bee and monarch butterfly populations thrive. Guided by the mission to increase and improve pollinator forage and habitat, the organization develops affordable, pollinator-focused seed mixes, including native plants through NextGen Habitat Projects. The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is a collaboration of founding partners Pheasants Forever, Project Apis m. and Browning’s Honey Co. and brings together a very diverse group with similar goals.

Critical pollinator and wildlife habitat is disappearing in the U.S. – but we can reverse the trend! With the help of generous corporate sponsors and individual donors, The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is establishing high quality pollinator habitat to ensure honey bee and monarch butterfly populations thrive. We’re working with landowners, conservationists, scientists and beekeepers to build healthy and sustainable pollinator habitat with maximum benefits. Our solution precisely targets pollinators’ needs by engineering projects that provide appropriate bloom diversity, density and duration to optimize forage potential.

Biologists consult with landowners to identify potential underutilized scraps of land to be converted to habitat, then design a precision habitat mix to maximize pollinator support on that individual acreage. Landowners receive free seed mixtures, annual rental and planting incentive payments and a three- to six-year contract.

In our first year, we piloted the program successfully in North Dakota and South Dakota – we even have a waiting list! In 2017 the program expands into Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. Average project size is 15 acres for six years, and we have planted more than 6.58 million milkweed seeds to date.

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