For the Almond Grower

Are you concerned about a blooming cover crop competing with your almond bloom?

An understandable concern on the part of almond growers is whether a flowering nearby cover crop will divert honey bees away from the almond bloom. The efficient pollination of your crop is top priority. In-the-field research shows that providing honey bees forage prior to almond bloom can actually increase the frames (or numbers of bees) and that these bees are healthier and more robust to pollinate your crop.   Read more here.


PAm’s Seeds for Bees Project

PAm has developed seed mixes to provide floral diversity prior to and after almond bloom in California for the nearly 1.8 million colonies that will be brought to the state to pollinate the 2016 almond crop.  Just like humans, honey bees are better able to deal with stressors if properly nourished.  With proper nutrition, bees can fend off pests and parasites and cope with pesticides and transportation stress.  Working with land manager cooperators, PAm has established acreage, seed mixes, seed suppliers, and planting regimes.

What we are offering:

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 Project Apis m. is working to build a sustainable honey bee supply for pollination services in CA.  This can be done through floral diversity.  Would you like to help us develop bee forage?  Are you interested in providing nutrition for over-wintering bees in California?  PAm will provide the seed, if you plant it.  We provide seed mixes that have a low-moisture requirement.  Sow seeds in the Fall to take advantage of the winter rains. Contact  if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are interested in helping develop bee forage
  • You are an almond grower who is willing to take receipt of, and plant  the seed
  • You plan to plant forage in a location which will be accessible to over-wintering colonies
  • Your planted forage will be available to colonies pollinating CA’s specialty crops, including almonds

Team Up with Project Apis m. – ‘Seeds for Bees’ Forage Project News Release, May 15, 2014

Fall and Winter Bloom, November – February

 Mustard Mix

Spring Bloom, March – May

Clover Mix                         Lana Vetch



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