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Project Apis m. works in partnership with many different corporations who share a common goal of improving honey bee health and productivity.

Why are bees so important?
Honey bees are vital to agriculture as they pollinate 90 different crops, or about 1/3 of the world’s food supply. The contributions made by honey bees result in increased yields and superior quality crops for growers and American consumers. Bees work hard to produce annually about 150 million pounds of honey, a favorite, natural sweetener. Hive products such as beeswax are important in candle-making and in the cosmetics industry.

How can your corporation or business help the honey bee?
Your corporation or business can become involved in the vital pursuit of improving honey bee health and productivity for improved crop pollination and in increasing U.S. honey production. Project Apis m. can help you help honey bees within your corporate environmental stewardship and sustainability program. A sustainable supply of bees equates to a sustainable food supply. We can help you plant the seeds for a corporate responsibility program that involves honey bees by contact us at Project Apis m.

Please contact Danielle Downey at to learn more about how we can help your corporate sustainability program.

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