Healthy Hives 2020 Request for Proposals

Seeking Solutions for Sustainable Beekeeping
The funding sponsor for these proposals is the Healthy Hives 2020 initiative (HH2020), with Project Apis m. (PAm) administering the proposal, accountability and funding process. HH2020 is an initiative of the Bayer Crop Science Bee Care Program with the goal of improving the health of honey bee colonies in the United States by the year 2020. In June 2015, BCS kicked-off HH2020 with a two-day multi-stakeholder workshop to discuss current status of bee health and identify key areas for research. This RPF marks the second round of solicitation for HH2020 funding. Projects funded in year 1 are summarized here.

Please see the PAm 2017 HH2020 Request For Proposals for priority areas for funding and more information.

View the press release here: HH2020 2017 RFP Announcement

Proposals should be submitted via email to both and by 5 pm PST, Friday, December 9nd, 2016.

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