Bee Informed Partnership Launching Crowdfunding Campaign

For several years, PAm has supported the Bee Informed Partnership, a sort of ‘geek squad’ for beekeepers. They help in crises like pesticide kills, but they also routinely monitor bee health and help beekeepers optimize their management for successful and sustainable beekeeping all year. The beekeepers who have access to this service are very fortunate, and with your help BIP wants to offer this service to more beekeepers! You can help our pollinators by giving to their campaign.  Find out more here:

Tech transfer teams at work

Tech transfer teams at work

‘Paramount’ becomes ‘Wonderful’

Effective June 1st,  2015 Paramount Farming changed their name to Wonderful Orchards.  Ownership and management remain the same, but the name change helps identify the company under The Wonderful Company umbrella and marketplace brands.

Project Apis m’s submission to Federal Pollinator Task Force

Project Apis m. recently submitted comments as part of the Listening Sessions to form the Federal strategy for pollinators.  The comments were kept simple:  1) Varroa, 2) Nutrition and Forage, and 3) Pesticides.  Pam’s focus was to emphasize that in policy setting, beekeepers should represent bees.  Please click here to view the comments.  

Top 10 Pollinator Plants

Pete Berthelsen, Pheasant’s Forever and Project Apis m.’s partner in forage projects, discusses planning for your Spring honey bee habitat.  

View the habitat tips video here: “Habitat Tip: Top 10 Pollinator Plants

The White House Creates a Federal Strategy for Honey Bees and Other Pollinators

Christi Heintz and Zac Browning at White House meeting

Christi Heintz and Zac Browning at White House meeting

On April 30, 2014, PAm’s executive director Christi Heintz, and Zac Browning, PAm board member, were invited to Washington DC to provide input on White House initiatives to help honey bees and other pollinators.  On June 20th, the White House issued a resulting memorandum to create a strategy to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators.  Under this memorandum, a Pollinator Health Task Force among heads of various federal agencies will be formed, chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture.  This Task Force has 180 days to develop a strategy for research and action on honey bee health stressors, monitoring hive health, developing affordable seed mixtures, best practices to reduce pesticide exposure, and habitat restoration.  Recommendations for public education and public-private partnerships will also be included.  Within 180 days of the memorandum, the Task Force shall develop plans to enhance pollinator habitat that would include addressing easements, restoration and reclamation projects, military installations and increasing the acreage and forage value of pollinator habitat in USDA programs such as CRP.  Of note, future landscaping projects at all Federal facilities will include beneficial plants for pollinators.  Further, the EPA is to take action to protect pollinators from effects of pesticides and to expedite review of registrations targeting the pests that harm pollinators.  To read the entire memorandum, Click Here.  To read PAm’s initiatives provided as input Click Here.


PAm promotes forage project

PAm promotes forage project at almond meeting in Sacramento:

Chemtura discusses BMPs for Dimilin Use

Click the link to watch:  AgNeTVideo: Chemtura

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