Bee Informed Partnership Launching Crowdfunding Campaign

For several years, PAm has supported the Bee Informed Partnership, a sort of ‘geek squad’ for beekeepers. They help in crises like pesticide kills, but they also routinely monitor bee health and help beekeepers optimize their management for successful and sustainable beekeeping all year. The beekeepers who have access to this service are very fortunate, and with your help BIP wants to offer this service to more beekeepers! You can help our pollinators by giving to their campaign.  Find out more here:

Tech transfer teams at work

Tech transfer teams at work

Job Position Available: University of Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is seeking applications for a beekeeper to manage a newly constructed bee research facility.  For more information, see the attached job posting.

Research Specialist In Life Sciences

National Honey Board Production Research funds Request for Proposals is Now!

With the National Honey Board as the funding sponsor, and PAm administering the proposal, accountability and funding process, together we are seeking solutions for a more sustainable industry. With this call for research proposals, priority will be given to projects that focus on honey bee health and productivity that provide practical and tangible solutions to the beekeeping industry. Research outside the U.S. is possible, as are multiple year proposals. The goal of this research is to help U.S. producers maintain colony health, honey and crop production. The funds available for a particular proposal will depend on the number and merit of successful proposals; the estimated funds available for 2017 is $400K. The submission format can be reasonably short as long as proposals include the items specified in the submission guidelines, found here. Proposals will be accepted until midnight Pacific Time, October 23.

Time to Plant Seeds for Bees

Billy Synk, PAm’s Director of Pollination Programs, tells us why it’s a good idea for almond growers to plant forage for honey bees.  Planting occurs in the fall.  Billy can be reached at for more information.  To hear his brief 2+ minute radio interview, click here.

Positions Open for Tech Transfer Teams

The Technical Transfer Teams of the Bee Informed Partnership are looking for motivated applicants.  Check out their job posting here!



Canadian PAm-Costco Scholarship Announcement

Project Apis m. (PAm) and Costco (Canada) Wholesale Corporation have collaborated to sponsor a competitive scholarship program for a Ph.D. – level graduate student in Canada.  The purpose of the Costco Scholar Program is to ensure the continuity of honey bee health scientists and specialists in the academic and research world.  The fellowship intends to develop and contribute to the sustainability of the beekeeping industry and assure its future contributions to agriculture, where many crops depend upon pollination for success.  The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students who are, or will be, pursuing research-based doctoral degrees in fields within the Project Apis m. mission of enhancing colony health and improving crop production.  Click the links below for more information:

PAm-Costco (Canada) Announcement 2016

PAm-Costco (Canada) Scholar Application 2016

Healthy Hives 2020 Grant Winners Announced

Project Apis m. is very pleased to announce that we have been asked to administer the production research funds for the National Honey Board! Starting in 2017, PAm will manage the NHB funds ($0.015/lb) collected by federal marketing order with a focus on maintaining the health of honey bee colonies. In 2016, these funds were $416K. Uniting our efforts moves us one big step closer to harmonizing the many opportunities in our industry: to propose, review, support, and direct research projects efficiently and for the greatest benefit. Proposals received and funded by PAm and NHB have much in common, reflecting our similar interests in supporting the industry. By combining our efforts, there is one less round of independent writing and reviewing proposals AND ALSO the opportunity to connect funding and ideas with much broader resources, everyone wins!

Read about the projects that have been awarded funding!

HH2020 Grant Winner Announcement

National Honey Board and PAm to Merge Research Efforts

Firestone, Colorado, June 8, 2016 – Project Apis m. (PAm) and the National Honey Board (NHB) are pleased to announce that PAm will be administering the NHB production research funds starting in 2017.

Merging efforts means one less round of work for all of our hardworking bee researchers who write proposals, scientific reviewers who read them, and selection committees and administrators who see these processes through. In addition, it will afford us opportunities to see a broader spectrum of projects, put together ideas that have the potential for synergy, and access deeper resources when necessary for projects that may need larger time or money commitments. Increased efficiency to fund and direct honey bee research will save all involved time and money.

Read the full Press Release here: NHB _PAm_PressRelease_2016

Project Apis m. Announces New PAm-Costco Scholar

Congratulations to the new PAm-Costco Scholar, Morgan Carr Markell! We had an exceptionally competitive field of applicants and wish we could fund them all!  Morgan is bright, determined, and an excellent communicator with a variety of audiences and we couldn’t be more excited about awarding her this scholarship.  Morgan is working on her PhD at the University of Minnesota, studying honey bee usage of native prairie plants. The award is $150,000 over three years, a significant investment in the future of honey bee research.  Watch for Morgan to do great things!


Job opening – Bee Breeding Apiarist

A honey bee breeding project focused on Varroa resistance in commercially desirable bees has started in Hilo, Hawaii.

We are currently looking for two motivated apiarists to staff the project.  For more information, click on the link:

Bee Breeding Apiarist

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