Earth Day 2015


$45 For Forage

Celebrate 45 Years Bee holding Earth Day sign


YOU can make a difference in honor of the 45th Earth Day by buying an acre of bee forage!



o   Provide organic matter back to Mother Earth!

o   Build soil tilth while fixing nitrogen in the soil!

o   Prevent erosion!

o   Decrease run-off!

o   Bring beautiful flowers to the landscape!

o   Feed bee nutritious floral resources!

o   See your name in our enewsletter!

Your $45 will purchase one acre of PAm’s Clover Mix.  Our experts know how, when and where to plant to help bees.  We have landowners willing to plant, and your involvement will help make it happen.  Click the ‘Donate’ button or mail a check (info on the sidebar).

Enjoy the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd and know you’ve done your part!

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